HuffPo to report on Trump under ‘Entertainment’ only section of news..

The Huffington Post has announced that it will report on Donald Trump only under the section of ‘Entertainment’.  They do not take him seriously as a Presidential contender and claim he is really only a sideshow.  Read it here:

Many are annoyed seeing as Trump is actually leading the GOP polls, but I think it is very good news for Donald Trump.  The mainstream voter in the USA is uneducated and largely ignorant about politics.  Most voters can’t name their own Congressman.  They are far more interested in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  So putting Donald Trump on the same news page as Kim and Kanye only helps expose Trump to the knuckle dragging 1/3 of the adult population that has trouble figuring out which end of the ball point pen to use to mark the ballot.

This is actually a blessing to Trump and the silly attempt to belittle Trump will backfire when Trump soon realizes a 99% name recognition in the polls.  

The truly sad part of this story is that Huffington Post doesn’t see Trump as a real candidate.  I dare say they are not alone, but the facts speak differently at this time.  Trump is not only leading in the polls, but he is crushing everyone else by 3 or 4 times margin.  Sadly, HuffPo DOES see Hillary as a real candidate and not a sideshow.  The woman is a lying, cheating, dishonorable dirtbag.  She has accomplished nothing in her political career with the exception of getting elected.  Being elected is not the goal – the goal is accomplishing something after you get elected.

Of course our current President is far less a serious politician than Trump.  Obama has split the country in half by race and again by class.  He has not had a single successful political accomplishment in 6 plus years.  Perhaps they should report about Obama in the political obituary section of the news….

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