Time To Talk Turkey on Gay Marriage

One thing you, me, the mailman, and God knows: people hate to go to weddings. Nobody wants to be there accept for the bride’s mother and, for the first ten minutes, the bride. Capiche?

Okay, the first friend or two to get married is always a fucking blast.  They don’t count. Oh, kids too. Little kids. For everyone else it’s a drag. (no pun intended)

So for all you gays out there planning on getting married or parents of gays planning on getting married listen up, nobody wants an invite.

So as this gay marriage thing really gets going and becomes part of the norm there better not be an increase of ruined weekends.

Oh and we would all appreciate it if you tell your straight friends the same thing. Nobody wants to go to their weddings either.

Carry on. (pun intended)

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