Steve Crosby’s Deceptive & Unethical P.R. Campaign Continues, Co-Starring Margery, Jim & ‘GBH Radio

I just listened to Gaming Chair Steve Wynn on WGBH’s Braude and Egan. My thoughts in no particular order;

– Margery, Jim and Steve wanted to make sure the audience knew that the recent ethics complaint filed against Crosby by a disgruntled employee was dismissed.

The cute bastards presented it as if it was the only attack on Crosby’s ethics out there. Add to that the hosts open love for Steve and their assurances that Steve is ethical  a listener is led to believe that Crosby is above reproach. We can all agree to that can’t we?

Meanwhile there is a lawsuit by the city of Boston which spells out facts and law that says Crosby  is corrupt, incompetent, or a blackmail victim. Funny how the sycophant Public Radio “journalists” don’t mention this, isn’t it?

– Crosby was calling into the show from the opening day at the new slots parlor in Plainville. He was talking the place up like he was the general manger or the public relations person for the place.

That’s not the job of the regulatory agency. No siree. But his ego is so out of control I suspect he bullied his way past the P.R. person and general manager to steal as much as the glory as he could.

– Crosby not only illegally lobbied for the Wynn Casino today he referred to the project as “we”. As in “we are trying to fix the traffic problem but..”

You see folks; Wynn gets the full license when certain conditions are met. One being traffic mitigation problems in Sullivan Square.

This is standard stuff. Variances, and other licenses are granted based on good faith assurances by the applicant.

Same for Wynn. However authorities that grant licenses cannot  interfere and show favor with the applicant or a third party.  Especially when there were other applicants for limited licenses.  That is the definition of not fair.

Imagine a local board granting a liquer license on the condition that purchase the lot next door for parking. Happens all the time. Usually the applicant provides a purchase and sale agreement for the lot that is contigent upon the liquor license being granted.

Now imagaine something goes wrong in the sale and negotiations are bcak on. The local board can’t be in the newspaper bullying the third party empty lot owner.

None of his business.  

Yet Crosby is on the radio advocating Wynn’s position in his negotiations with Boston.

Corrupt? Dumb? Blackmailed?

Here we have the Chairman who is in denial of a blatant conflict of interest publicly badmouthing a third party for not agreeing to business terms with Wynn.

– Crosby has presented an appearance for being in the bag for Steve Wynn. If that is true than all applicants for all regions should feel threatened by him, not just Region A.

The other casinos will be Wynn’s competition. He wants to crush them before they can take hold. All the little things including choice of licensee, conditions, etc. have the appearance of being made for the best interest of Steve Wynn rather than the state.

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