Roger Goodell Will Throw Ted Wells Under The Bus Because He Has No Choice

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Poor Ted Wells. Stupid Ted Wells. He got a call from one of his Fortune 100 like clients who needed him to do something he’s done a thousand times; conduct an “independent” investigation then report back something that concludes so-and-so and only so-and-so was responsible.

The most efficient way to handle a problem.

Wells did that. Oh my God did he do that. Talk about the single bullet theory or re-defining the word “is”. Ted Wells showed us why the big boys make the big bucks.

Unfortunately for Ted and Roger they didn’t consider one important fact; Tom Brady is probably the only player in the NFL who has the money, brains, and balls to go head to head with them.

We don’t really know this because the sports media and the few newsies like Margery and Jim who have covered this continue to showcase their sanctimonious ignorance.

(How bad does John Henry want to see the pats go down as cheaters?)

Hey there you jock sniffs, before dreaming up all your insight on this why don’t you talk to a union guy or a labor lawyer. They’re all over the freakin place.

There’s probably at least  one shop steward in every newspaper, and radio and television station.

Labor lawyers? They’re a dime a dozen. They would tell you that the Wells Report is arbitrary and capricious in its methods, factual reporting, and conclusions. They would then tell you the same about Goodell’s punishment.

They would tell you that a Stop and Shop baggage boy (Teamsters) could not be disciplined with a non-exisiting case such as this.

The NFL has defamed Brady and caused serious monetary damage to his well-established brand. Like every other employer at the very least The NFL owes Brady a duty of good faith and fair dealing.  Not to mention all the goodies in the collective bargaining agreement.

Like Steve Wynn and Boston 2024, Goodell never expected to get the pushback he’s getting from Brady.

Now he has to get the other owners to understand this. He’s boxed himnself in. A real commissioner would have put the kabosh on this within five minutes.  

This week Brady’s lawyers will formally present evidence and arguments taking apart the Wells report line by line. Knowing the NFL is in a losing position Goodell will find that “after a having the a full hearing and presented with additional evidence the prior decision is rescinded and all penalties withdrawn. The process works”


If Goodell give’s anything but a full vindication he will be in court within a week opposing Brady’s complaint for immediate relief. In August we could be watching a judge decides who will open the season at QB.  

Knowing all this made it easy for Kraft to keep harmony in the family and withdraw his appeal. He so bad wants Brady to kick their asses.

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