Michelle McPhee – Steve Crosby – Tim Flaherty – Fred Wyshak – Stan Rosenberg – Bob DeLeo

Stan Rosenberg won little in the big picture today with the SJC allowing the Senate to add tax amendments. It was Bob DeLeo who had the experience and wits to see a problem and send it to the SJC for guidance.

Kudos for Stan. Along with the good will come the bad with money bills my friend. Be careful what you wish for.

What the Senate will never get are the rule changes giving senators more than one vote on some conference committee matters


That’s almost as absurd as David Bernstein opining that Massachusetts should abandoned the House of Represent and leave it to the elite upper chamber and Ivy League governors who, because of work load, are not accessible to most of their constituents.  

Note to Steve: You can read more about the effect consolidation of power among a few has had on society through out recorded history at your library. Good luck and we ain’t Nebraska my friend, or Ole Virgin-i-aye for that matter).  

Anyone here wondering 1.  If Tim Flaherty’s representation of the criminal/Everett landowner Charles Lightbody has any doings with the mess he’s gotten himself into? Just wondering.

Anyone here wondering 2: If Fred Wyshak is doing more than chasing phantom fall-out from the Whitey and the Probation cases as head of the public corruption unit.

You mean this is the extent of publuc corruption in MA.? That’s embarressing. What are we? A fucking convent? If this is it we are living in the safest most tranparent and honest state in the history of governments.

Big round of applause for us.

Now he has this easy lay-up they got by coaxing Flaherty after more than one wired conversation to say something that is probably not illegal. (but of when the feds say it is, it is)

Is Wyshak an entertainer who has no new acts to perform? Same one hit wonder at the Cape Cod Melody Tent? I thin we may be seeing some of that. Don’t you?


The fishiness of the Steve Crosby thing becomes fishier and fishier everyday.

Just to be clear; the standard for appearance of conflict for the Gambling Commissioners is pretty much the same as judges. The extra language provided in the statutes and the regs put them right up there with our state’s District, Housing, Juvenile, Superior, Appellate, and Supreme Judicial Courts.

Not to mention workers comp judges and the people who hear appeals at the RMV for crissakes.

Don’t buy CRosby’s bullshit that this is Boston, everyone knows everyone. Funny how all these judges with all these cases don’t come across this problem much.

Would any judge ever be allowed to hear a case when one party has the relationship Steve Crosby has with the Everett landowner? Of course not.

Now add some propane to that bomb and ask yourself if any judge would ever be allowed to sit on a case when he had dinner with a social acquaintance /business partner who has a case in front of him?  

How can a judge or jury say that Croby’s actions do not fit the standards of “appearance of conflict”.

Oh, wait. Retired Know-it-all Judge and Gambling Commissioner James McHugh says, “Move along. Nothing to see here. I’m smarter than you and I say there is no appearance of conflict. Move along people”.

I know you all think that I am going to whoop down on Michelle McPhee and celebrate in her misfortune.

I’m not. I’m rooting for her and I hope she beats it.  She’a one tough bitch!. She was back on radio the very next day flipping the bird at the troopers as much as her lawyers would let her. She went up in my book.

Unless of course she was totaaly shitfaced and assaultive. She should plead guilty, apologize, and move on. It doesn’t make her a bad person. She made a mistake and the booze gor the best of her. It happens.

Did you see that black eye? No bruises on the nose or around the socket. Nothing but a straight punch in the face or a head-on run into a doorknob.

Add to that 20 stitches to the back of her head. Could it have been caused by a drunken fall? Absolutely.

If the phony baloney state police allowed cameras on the cruisers we would know exactly what happened and none of this she said he said.

We would see how the state trooper over-powered Michelle and back-ups were required. (What was going on during the wait for back-ups?) We would see just how mouthy she was. (Which by the way is not against the law) We would see just how unstable on her feet she was.  We would see the erratic/unsafe driving she was committing that caused the trooper to pull her over.

We would see everything the state trooper did to deal with this not-out-of-the-ordinary-mouthy-with-the-courage-of-a-few-glasses-of-wine-middle-aged-professional-yuppie-broad defend herself against perceived abuse of power. This is state trooping 101 and should never lead to a black eye and 20 stitches.

Anyway, the reason there are no cameras on cruisers is because the tried it years ago and it lead to too many not guilties. That’s a fact. Their spokesperson David Precopia told the Globe this a few years ago.  It also cut down on all sorts of abuses by the troopers but that’s another story.

Anyway I don’t think we need cameras on cops but we definitely need them on state police cruisers.

They love to spend money on goddamn lights and sirens but time to spend it on cameras for state police cruisers. Freakin’ Georgia is ahead of us on this

So Michelle, I hope you become the advocate for good cops and their spouses who want to get rid of shithead cops like the ones you say you came across. It makes everyone look bad. Advocate for cameras on cruisers so non-famous citizens who don’t have your podium won’t have to s

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