Left Wing Hypocrisy, Buffer-Zones, and The Supreme Court.

Here in Massachusetts, our unconstitutional “Buffer-Zone” law was struck down by a unanimous 9-0 Supreme Court decision.  What did the left do?  Ignore the Supreme Court, ignore the Constitution, change a comma to a semi-colon and pass a new unconstitutional buffer-zone law.  Those who act in accordance with the Constitution and dissent from this unconstitutional law can be arrested and imprisoned for exercising their first amendment rights.  Where is the outrage?

Can you imagine for a moment what would happen if a conservative state acted the same way following today’s 5-4 decision?  Can you imagine the reaction from the media?

The United States Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the law.  No matter what your views on today’s ruling my be, state governments are now required to follow it.  Similarly, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is required to follow the Supreme Court and the Constitution on Freedom of Speech.

But the left doesn’t actually care.  The do not support the precept of individual rights.  They do not support the Constitution.  They do not support following the Supreme Court.  They only support the idea of using force for the people they like and against the people they don’t.  They don’t like Pro-Life people, so they don’t support Pro-Life people having rights.  Constitution be damned.  Supreme Court be damned.  If you don’t like liberal fascism, you must be a bigot.  Anything we do against you is automatically pre-justified.

And they know their doing it too.  When a ruling is 9-0 all legal opinions are the same.  There is no dissent.  The final fig leaf of excuses is gone.  If a 5-4 decision is deemed to be settled law, how can a 9-0 decision continue to be so flagrantly and openly violated?

Where is the outrage?

So, yeah.  This post was about the Buffer-Zone and not gay marriage.  If you want to read today’s ruling go here:  http://www.supremecourt.gov/op…

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