How Much $$$ is John Henry Paying WGBH Radio? It’s an Effin Informercial for He and The Globe

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I can’t take it anymore. Have you ever listened to Jim Braude and Margery Egan on WGBH Radio? It’s painful. I stopped. But every now and then I find myself listening and unable to change the station before I throw-up.

Anyway The Globe owns that show and probably the whole station. John Henry paying good money to have Brian McGrory on every week pontificating like he’s the gatekeeper for God while the under-informed-dull-witted-hosts coo over him and the brilliance of everything and anything the Globe writes.

Of course they’re big time trumpeting the false narrative that Ms. Carpenter does not have a legal case against the Sox but John Henry will do the right thing and pay her medical costs.

(Anyone notice it came out that the Players Association twice asked that protective netting be placed anong the infield stands? The owners, like John henry, said “no”. That’s evidence of negligence. Funny how Jim amd Margery don’t mention this. Players were concerned because in many parks their families sit in those close seats.)

Cheap bastards.

Talk about shills.

Have any of these two ever read a book that wasn’t a confirmation of their don’t-make-it-complicated-thinking-and-live-inside-a-bubble-journalism?


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