Hillary Clinton Is Like Drunk Chick Determined To Win Her Ex-Boyfriend Back at a Karaoke Bar

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Yes folks, Hillary is a disaster and she doesn’t know it. This of course means great entertainment. It will be so good that at some point we will start to feel sorry for her. God is she going to unravel.

All she wants is to have what Bill had. It’s not fair that he got to be President and she won’t be. That wasn’t the deal.  

Really people, do you think this woman will win the nomination? No siree.

Who here remembers 1968? Lyndon Johnson? Eugene McCarthy? Bobbie Kennedy? Hubert Humphrey? Pat Paulsen?

Who remembers that new generation of voters?

We have the same thing today and ain’t no way is Hillary getting the nod.

The primaries will be great to watch as each week it gets worse and worse for her. The finger pointing will be off the charts. She’ll go nuts. NUTS!!

And all the while the people who vote Democratic will be waiting for Elizabeth Warren to point them in the right direction. And that may not be done until the convention.

The convention should be good.

In the meantime let us all enjoy our beers here in the corner and watch Hillary make a world-class fool of herself as she bullies control of the Karaoke stage forcing people to listen to her out of key renditions of the latest top hits.  

As she becomes more desperate the more bizarre it will get. The voters will have to remind themselves that she is serious and her candidacy is not some piece of Andy-Kaufmanesque performance art.

Oh, and after this mess the Dem nominee will crush the Republican.

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