Dennis Lehane is Such a Fraud – Good for Charlie Baker

You know, I could never buy into the ending of Mystic River. I’ve seen many a coincidences in my life but a guy’s daughter getting killed the same late night/early morning as his childhood friend decides to go way off the deep end and kill a random didler and then act in ways that make everyone believed he killed the daughter works for a guy like Shakespear but not for the real-life-street-cred novelist.

Does Lehane ever smile? He’s got this Kevin Cullen thing going.”I’m so deeply aware of the dark side of urban life that it is impossible for someone like me to appreciate life’s blessings.

Anyway Lehane told the New York Times he was resigning from the Boston Public Library because of Mayor Walsh’s refusal to re-instate Amy Ryan after she reigned from the top job.

“I think it sucks, frankly, that Marty accepted her resignation and doesn’t seem open to reconsidering,” the novelist Dennis Lehane (“Mystic River,” “Gone, Baby, Gone”) wrote in an email to The New York Times. Until recently, Mr. Lehane served as a library trustee.

You see these elitist Harvard educated or Harvard wannabees like Lehane think that finding the prints means everything is hunkie dorie. Back to normal.  

Why then are local, state, and federal law enforcement still investigating?

What’s funny is that in every bar, beauty salon, and barber shop, and dinner table in Roxbury, Dorchester, East Boston, Lowell,  and Worcester people immediately said,

“Looks like the thief put it back. I mean how did they not find it there before raising thius shit storm. Are they that incompetent? Oh wait, they are. Look at this lady and her toady all smiles holding up the newly found prints. Are they that stupid? They should be sending out resumes.”

Yet street smart Lehane interprets these events like a 75 year old Evangical grandmother sitting in a farmhouse watching Fox and Christian Broadcasting all day.

How funny is it to watch Boston’s sef-appointed ultra elite and lazy media defend this woman. What frauds! Frauds I tell you, Frauds!

Good for Charley Baker defending Salem State running an event that was news worthy, educational, fun, andPROFITABLE

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