Boston Establishment Totally In Bag For Steve Wynn, No Other Way to Explain It – With Poll

(“Establishment, establishment, you always know what’s best.” – Stewie Griffin – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Has anyone in the local media read the new lawsuit Marty Walsh brought against Steve Crosby?

Here’s a link to the complaint. Just read the introduction. It will blow your mind.…

Walsh calls Crosby and his gangs corrupt. THAT’S BIG!!

But if you read the stories on the new lawsuit you’d think it was still about the same ole boring disputes about access and MBTA land.

It’s not.

Instead, by process of elimination it accuses Steve Crosby of being corrupt, incompetent, or a victim of blackmail.

Here’s why.

The land in Everett was owned by three people: two gangsters and a non-gangster who was also a long-time friend, former business partner, business savior and creditor of Crosby’s. Well documented and extensive personal and business relationship prior to the Gaming Commission.

After the Gaming Commission was established Steve Wynn tried to put a casino on his friend Bob Kraft’s property in Foxboro. Very soon after the voters put the kibosh on it.

Soon after Crosby’s non-gangster-Everett-land-owner-friend-former business-partner-savior-creditor held a dinner party honoring Crosby for his new gig as chair of the commission. He got the old gang from their shared business together. It was a hoot.

After that, well talk about a small world, Steve Wynn decides Crosby’s non-gangster-Everett-land-owner-friend-former business-partner-savior-creditor land is the perfect place for his casino and asks Crosby and the others on the Gaming Commission to let them.

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Noooo problem is the answer. Don’t believe me? Well check the records. First off Crosby tells Caesars (Wynn’s most serious competition) that a third party remotely involved with them has an unpaid parking ticket in Macau, or something like that, while at the same time not disclosing the blatant and illegal conflict.

Then of course comes the constant moving of the goal posts in favor of Wynn.

Meanwhile one of the gangsters in on tape explaining how he and his partners plan on hiding the two gangsters ownership because under the law they can’t have any part of this.

Finally someone dimes out Crosby and he’s interviewed by the state police. Only then does he disclose his association with the  non-gangster-Everett-land-owner-friend-former business-partner-savior-creditor.

He then files a letter with the commission disclosing the same. But he refuses to step down. Remember?


Step back one second. Every administrative body has boiler plate language in enabling legislation and its own rules and regs about conflicts and appearance of conflicts. The Gaming Commission has that times ten. No other body has been told as much as the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to make it appear on the level.

Could any reasonable person believe this is on the level?

How can a judge or jury say there is not an appearance of conflict of interest?

So many more details that make this stink. Read the complaint

So why aren’t those frauds at Commonwealth Magazine talking about it? Too complicated?

The Globe? Television?

Probably because Wynn has bought everyone in town. I wonder what ad deal he’s signed with the Globe, Herald, and everyone else? Contingent on him getting the license of course.

And Governor Weld, and Steve Tocco, and on and on and on it goes. Like conquering a small African nation.  Just buy the few at the top. Much easier.

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