Attention Charley Baker and Governors Council, NO JUDGESHIP FOR DAN CONLEY!!

Word is that Suffolk County District Attorney Search and Avoid Dan Conley will be getting a judgeship from Charley Baker.

Dan Conley is accused in court by a former assistant district  attorneyof wrongful termination. The facts alleged are pretty consistent with Little Dan’s m.o. (link to Globe story below).

The ADA was a friend of  Dan’s and  worked his ass for him when first ran for the job. He was a standout in the campaign.

Then Dan runs for mayor. The first thing he does is order the 150 plus people who work for him to report after work to his taxpayer funded office space downtown for a press conference conducted by his campaign to announce that he will not force his employees to volunteer on his campaign blah blah.   All the employees who worked in the district courts had to leave their taxpayer funded jobs early (close those satellite offices) to attend after-work-mandatory-attendance-political-event where they were used as props.

Howver Dan makes it clear to the ADA that much is expected from him in the mayoral campaign. The guy didn’t help this time. My understanding is he was a close friend of candidate John Connolly. He was staying out of it. Dan should of undestood. Instead he went Mean Girls time ten on the guy. Even tried to set him up as a mental case. Didn’t work.

I tell you this as an example of how pathetic Conley and his inner circle are. Even his friends (the few he has) know he’s a major league ass-hole. But they go back with him and hey, we all have friends like that. Tolerate them.

When Ralph Martin resigned Dan was appointed to the job. But guess what, the consensus was he would not last because he’s Dan and Brain Honan, the well liked fellow city councilor and former ADA threw his hat in the ring. Everyone was with him. Easy-peezy.

Honan was young, smart, and from a well-liked political family from Brighton. Conley was a punk.  The race was over.

Dan must have made a deal with the devil because one spring morning the electorate woke up to the sad news that the young and seemingly healthy Honan died.

End of race.

Question folks: What would you say if you were visiting a typical high school anywhere in the country and upon inquiring about discipline policies you were told they never had kids get of line?

Think about it because that is exactly what Dan Conley says about the Boston Police Department.

There’s big stuff like the Snelgrove killing and documented assaults by cops during the World Series or the cop killing the black teenage girl sitting in the back seat of a stolen car. The car was driving away from the cop and not a danger to anyone at the time.  The bullet went through the rear window hitting her in the back of the head.

The girl had the misfortune of being a teenager in an environment where half the boys are pulling up in stolen cars. Shitloads of “nice” white girls in Charlestown, Southie, Eastie, and Dorchester have knowingly and unknowingly been is stolen cars

Text book homicide. In light of recent events around the country this case should be re-opened.

Then there is the poor college kid who died celebrating the Celtics championship. He had the misfortune of being young and acting his age. Unfortunately he didn’t put his beer down fast enough for two of Boston’s finest. Perfect manufactured excuse to beat the ever-lovin piss out of him.

Talk about coincidences. The kid died when the cops were beating him but their assault did not kill him. No siree, according to Dan the kid’s heart decided to quit at the exact same time. It wasn’t the beating. He had some pre-existing condition. Weird isn’t it.

That’s our Dan.

Every D.A. before Dan has brought cases of corruption, shake downs, assault, manslaughter, sexual mischief, and other crimes against cops. Can’t be avoided.  They didn’t go looking for these cases, they fell onto their laps.

Based on Dan’s record, statistics, and my observations the only conclusion is that Dan is not honest with us citizens.

Shall we talk about his Stalinesque interpretation of the law and Constitution? He says with a straight face that DAs are the ones who should decide punishment, not judges.  

Maura Healy and Ralph Gants have said  professionally and politely that Dan’s way of doing things is pretty fucking scary.

“Hey Ernie, you haven’t mentioned Little Dan’s temperament. Can you imagine him on the bench? Looking down on everyone.?”

Oh, thanks for reminding me. Deval appointed a boatload of shitty judges. That’s pretty much the consensus among the bar.

Usually the shittier and dumber a judge the more nastier they are. They can’t keep up with all the competent lawyers appearing before them. It’s a defense mechanism for many.  Bad judges hurt good people on a daily basis.

Dan will be the worst of the worst.

So please folks, especially you Repubs, let Charley know that Dan Conley is not a friend of  justice.…

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