The E.P.A a rogue agency out of control

(Gina McCarthy, brought to you by Mitt Romney. Oh Joy! – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Like the I.R.S. the Environmental Protection Agency is working  hand in hand, perhaps illegally, in promoting agency policy. Under Gina McCarthy, the agency works day and night not to be accountable to Congress. As it pursues policies seeking the decarbonize the American economy, the E.P.A clearly is offering another example of how it needs to be reined in by Congress and, if it believes in the rule of law, the White House.

Lest you think this is some Fox News fantasy, the source of the story is the New York Times. (So it must be true).

WASHINGTON – When the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a major new rule intended to protect the nation’s drinking water last year, regulators solicited opinions from the public. The purpose of the “public comment” period was to objectively gauge Americans’ sentiment before changing a policy that could profoundly affect their lives.

Gina McCarthy, the agency’s administrator, told a Senate committee in March that the agency had received more than one million comments, and nearly 90 percent favored the agency’s proposal. Ms. McCarthy is expected to cite those comments to justify the final rule, which the agency plans to unveil this week.

But critics say there is a reason for the overwhelming result: The E.P.A. had a hand in manufacturing it….

Read the whole piece here.

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