ISIS taking over Middle East and Obama talks Global Warming at CG Academy

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The army of terrorists that Barrack Obama once termed ‘JV’ has now taken control of half of Syria.  The same army of terrorists is  in control of huge portions of Iraq and Libya, and Northern Africa. Worse yet is that thousands of young men and women are joining in a clandestine effort in the Uk and USA and elsewhere.  

‘Not to worry’ you say?  Why worry, Barack Obama is out speaking to the Coast Guard and probably telling them exactly how to thwart the efforts of this ‘JV’ group of misfits.  Right?  Well Obama was at the Coast Guard graduation yesterday, but he spent much of his valuable time speaking instead about Global Warming.  

Yup, the Commander-in-Chief gets a chance to speak to newly minted CG grads and he talks about melting ice packs and Polar Bears in Manhattan.  He spends his time preaching the imaginary gospel of Al Gore to the grads, who didn’t sign up to fight global warming, but rather to defend our waters.

Obama quote from Academy:

“If you see storm clouds gathering or dangerous shoals ahead you don’t just sit back and do nothing,” President Obama said Wednesday. “You take action to protect your ship, to keep your crew safe. Anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty. So to with climate change.”

What a buffoon!  What an utter embarrassment to all who serve in the CG or any armed forces and what an embarrassment to the USA.  

“Denying it or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security,” Obama also said. “It undermines the readiness of our forces.”

So in Obama’s world of insanity the military has the job of fighting global warming.  How dare he suggest something like this when it is a fact that perhaps 1,000s of people in this country alone are signing up to fight with ISIS.  ISIS is taking over the Middle East and our Commander-In-Chief is telling the troops to pay attention instead to Global Warming.  I think if there is dereliction of duty happening it is at the White House.  

I wonder if Putin would speak to his military about global warming?  I wonder if Ronald Reagan ever spoke to his military about global warming?  I don’t even think the tubby little Dictator from North Korea spends his time speaking to the military about global warming.  I think if you speak to the military about global warming its because you can’t speak intelligently about anything military.  

I am a little less proud of being an American because of Barack Obama.  

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  • misinformation involved in that speech….but I’ll get back to that.

  • that pretends to know so much about the climate, Dear Leader knows NOTHING about the climate… in….we’ve been getting warmer since about 1850, the end of the Little Ice Age and LONG before any carbon increase…..and no, the rate of warming has not increased….and no, we are not warmer than ever before.  The MWP before the LIA was warmer.  The RWP was warmer, the Minoan WP was warmer, the OKWP was warmer and the Holocene period was warmer.

    You remember the ARGO buoy campaign…heard a lot of that when it was launched.  Wanna know why we don’t hear about it anymore?  Because it found nothing.  There is no massive warming of the oceans.  Over 10 years (2004-2014), the “observed” warming was 0.023 degrees…..that’s a whopping 0.23 degrees PER CENTURY.

    OMG….the Antarctic sea ice is breaking up at rates never before seen!!!   Ummmm…yeah…..that’s because we’ve got higher ice levels than ever before seen with ice extending into the ocean further than ever before seen……and STILL, RIGHT NOW, we are at a record sea ice level down south.

    What is running around the doom-gloom circles the Dear Leader listens to is that the oceans have risen 8 inches along the eastern coast…..apparently, nobody mentioned tectonic subsidence to Him….or that our rate of sea level rise has been barely higher than that measured in the prior century….and that’s WITH the “upward adjustment” in the data that is somehow always an “upper adjustment” and never a “lower adjustment”…why is that?

    No, the oceans rising did not make the damage caused by Sandy worse than it should have been.  Sandy was bad because of geographical place and tidal timing, not because of a rise in the oceans.

    Droughts in the West are no more frequent or worse than drought in the West have ever been.

    Hurricanes are no more frequent or stronger than they used to be…..the opposite is occurring….been 10 years since a major hurricane hit the U.S…..why is that, Mr. POTUS?