A sad day: RIP Kamal Jain

It is with heavy heart that I am reporting about the death of Kamal Jain. According to the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Lowell, whose board Kamal served on, he passed away while working with his wife on her farm yesterday.

Jain, as you remember launched a spirited, yet respectful, campaign for Auditor against Mary Z. Connaughton.  Upon learning of his death Mary Z. told Red Mass Group, “Kamal and I got to know each other during the campaign and even better after the campaign.  We shared a similar vision on so many matters, my heart sank when I heard the news.  We lost a committed public servant and my heart goes out to him and his family.  He will be dearly missed by so many.”

But beyond that, Jain has been working tirelessly to make my hometown Lowell, Massachusetts a better place.  He has been helping to run Lowell Makes, a community workshop where people can turn ideas into products and creations.

Putting up the mailbox.

Posted by Marlin May on Saturday, October 12, 2013

His death has provoked an outpouring of grief in his adopted city of Lowell.  People on the left and right are offering condolences on Facebook.  

I am pretty much at a loss for words. This is a sad day indeed.

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