Hell Hath Frozen Over, Lyons Votes for Budget

The Mayans were apparently off by three years in their calculations.  2015 is apparently the beginning of end times.  Why you ask? Simple, after five years Jim Lyons (R-Andover) has voted for a state budget.  State Representative Kevin Kuros captured the moment in a photo for all posterity.

In all seriousness though, in a phone conversation Lyons told Red Mass Group why he voted for the budget. Lyons said, “there have been areas that I have been looking for in a budget since I got here.  Due to the leadership of Governor Baker those issues have been addressed.  The areas include a serious effort at reining in the growth rate of government spending, shrinking of the size of government – which Baker is doing with early retirement, and serious entitlement reform.  This budget includes those and more.  I am alos extremely happy that Representative Lombardo and I were able to get a serious look at the problem of the Department of Children and Families taking children from parents due to medical disputes.”

The budget package approved, unanimously, by the house, has many of Governor Baker’s priorities in it.  This is no doubt due to his soaring popularity in the polls, and the Democrat leadership’s not wanting to be on the wrong side of the administration during the honeymoon period.

A Republican representative told Red Mass Group that this budget is a win-win for Ways and Means Chairman Brian Dempsey, “if the budget works Dempsey can take credit, if it doesn’t he can say ‘we gave the Governor what he wanted as a courtesy and it didn’t work.”  

Budget highlights include a reduction in medicaid (MassHealth) spending, a moratorium on the Pacheco law for the MBTA for a period of time, and other strong reforms.  

The budget goes on to the state senate next.

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