Charlie Baker is Wildly Popular, He Should Use the Capital to Shrink The Size of Government

We just passed the 100 day mark of the governorship of Charlie Baker.  Suffolk University just released a poll showing how the public thinks he is doing after those 100 days.  He is wildly popular, Jon Keller reports.

The poll finds Baker is easily the most popular politician in Massachusetts right now, with 74-percent expressing a favorable view of him while only eight-percent hold an unfavorable opinion.

That is 15-points better than the next best numbers enjoyed by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who has a 59-to-11 percent favorable/unfavorable rating. (Sen. Elizabeth Warren is third with a 54-33 percent favorable/unfavorable rating.)

Baker’s job-approval ratings are just as strong, with a 70-6 percent approval/disapproval spread. And when asked if Baker is a better governor than Deval Patrick was, 42-percent said yes, while only 24-percent said no.

Baker has earned those numbers by showing a strong, active leadership style.  He took charge of the situation at the MBTA and has started on the path of reform.  Reform that will start with getting the management of the agency under control, not new spending.  

He has also submitted a budget, largely copied by the House Committee on Ways and Means, which slashes entitlement spending and puts long needed reforms of the Pacheco law into place.

He has announced the reduction of the state workforce by 5000 people through attrition, and an early retirement package.  

Baker has shown a willingness to shrink the size and scope of state government, in a way that actually has Democratic support.  

He should continue that and push for even greater reforms.  Using the political capital when it is at its highest will show the nation that even in a blue state, you can shrink the size of government.  

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