Why are Birthers Giving Ted Cruz a Pass? With a Poll

The crazy radical fringe elements of the GOP and Tea Party movement who have been making stuff up about Barack Obama’s mother flying half-way across the world in 196 so that her American son could be born in Kenya and therefore, in their eyes, is ineligible to be President of the United States, are giving Ted Cruz a pass on being born in a foreign country.

Of course there are a few differences between Obama’s situation and Cruz’s.  The most obvious one is that the story of Obama being born in Kenya is false and has not a shred of real evidence to back it up.  And in the case of Cruz, it is completely true that his Cuban born dad, after fighting on the side of Fidel Castro, first moved to the US and then moved to Canada with is American wife, who gave birth to Ted Cruz on foreign soil.

Now there is no clear meaning to what the Founding Fathers meant by requiring the US President to be a “Natural Born” citizen, because the provision in the Constitution has never been challenged and defined by the Supreme Court.

Most people accept the theory that all you need is one parent being a US citizen and their child born in a foreign country is a naturalized citizen eligible to be President.  This was the interpretation for foreign born John McCain and George Romney in 1968 to be eligible to be President.  Only when Barack Obama came along did the rightwing come up with crazy interpretations that both parents had to be US citizens and the birth had to happen on US soil.

So, the made up worst case scenario of the made up situation for Obama, is identical to the REAL Ted Cruz situation.  So, let’s have a poll and see what your opinion is a to why the Birthers are giving Ted Cruz a pass on being ineligible to be President.  

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