What Have Socons Ever Done For Us?

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An article in the Globe details some pushback Charlie is getting in response to signing the gay marriage brief. Anyone who reads RMG knows there is much more to it than that one act on that one issue.

Members of the Republican base, though, called it the latest instance of the state’s more centrist GOP establishment turning its back on them and the party’s bedrock principles.

“You’ve got this, what I would call, traitorous behavior, and it just continues on and on,” said Steve Aylward, a leading conservative activist and committee member from Watertown.

The reaction to the article has many fellow “centrists” bloviating about the uselessness of socons. How could they do this to Charlie?!?! Steve Aylward? Leading conservative activist??? What’s he ever done?!?!!?

Some people need to step back and reexamine things.

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