The “Glamour” Of Evil

Fox News & Glenn Beck have made an editorial decision in their respective businesses to show to the public an uncensored exhibition of Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath Al-Kaseasbeh who was burned to death by ISIS.

Don’t watch the video if you don’t have the stomach to view political snuff porn. But DO take a peak if you want to understand the nature of our enemy. The technical aspects of the video are on par with the type of professionalism one sees in Hollywood movies. One must force to remind oneself during the viewing that an actual human being is burning to death as the cameraman gets a closeup shot of his face falling off his skull while the music soundtrack tries to seduce the viewer into swaying to its hypnotic rhythms as if undulating in sync to the poor victim’s death throes.

Thus is the “glamour” of evil as presented by ISIS. It’s a great piece of psychological warfare that “brands” this Islamofascist organization as THE “bad-ass” group to join. Judging from the thousands of people from all over the world who are enlisting with ISIS, the propaganda from these snuff videos has been effective. Damn effective.

That the video is also effective in striking fear into the hearts of Muslim people everywhere needs to be addressed too.

A lot of non-Muslim people are quick to equate Islamofascism with Islam itself. However, to equate Islamofascism with Islam would be to equate, for example, Nazism with German nationalism. Not only are the analogies wrong but – in the case of Islamofascism – said analogy plays into the skillful hands of the Islamofascists who exploit for political purposes the problematic aspects of Islam’s theology (notably the nature of “reason” & Allah as “pure will”). While the defects of Islam’s theology have been the prime reason for its centuries-long civil war waged between its Sunni & Shiite adherents, what the world is now confronting is a political movement masquerading as a religion in BOTH camps.

Given President Barack Obama‘s decision to imitate Neville Chamberlain while the death cult that is Islamofascism has grown more powerful under his watch, what can we as Americans do at this point? For starters, we should follow the lead of Fox News & Beck in no longer avoiding the grisly reality of Islamofascism. Secondly while America can’t & shouldn’t impose itself on Islam’s civil war, all Americans should try to protect & help those moderate Muslims who are fighting to provide a much needed dose of the kind of “enlightenment” that was ultimately embraced by Jews & Christians. It’s in our long-term interest to do so. While America has no problem having Muslims in our country who respect our Constitution (especially the First Amendment) & who love our nation as it is, we should have no tolerance for any group purporting to be Islamic that tries to institute sharia law. Anyone who tries to circumvent our Constitution should be dealt with harshly (up to & including deportation). Lastly, our foreign policy needs to have a carrot/stick approach that respects non-American cultures in our war against Islamofascism. Eradicate Islamofascism, yes, but do it in such a way that America isn’t regarded as a bull in the proverbial (Muslim) china shop who should be avoided.

The last time America faced the death cults of Nazism & Japanese Imperialism, we had to resort to firebombing the cities of one adversary & nuking not one but two cities of the other. If we don’t get serious about confronting & defeating Islamofascism while we still have the time to do it within the parameters of conventional & asymmetrical warfare, then we’ll be forced to do unthinkable things – including using nuclear weapons once again – in order to ensure our survival against our latest existential threat. With Iran close to having a nuclear bomb, we must act NOW.

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