Sheriff Tom Hodgson’s Statement on Defunding President Barack Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Amnesty

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Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts released the following statement concerning opposition to President Barack Obama’s amnesty for illegal immigrants.

President Barack Obama has been calculatingly and systematically dismantling the enforcement of our immigration laws, and in so doing, placing more and more of our citizens in the crosshairs of criminal illegal aliens.

Late last year, after he and his party were repudiated by the voters, the president announced plans to take executive action to grant amnesty and work authorization to some 5 million illegal aliens, while his Homeland Security secretary issued memo protecting virtually all other illegal aliens from deportation. When the House of Representatives acted to block these unconstitutional actions by including explicit language in the DHS funding bill prohibiting him from diverting money and manpower to carry out his political agenda the president threatened to veto the entire appropriations bill. Despite his own veto threat, the president nonetheless is attempting to blame Congress for any interruptions in DHS operations if a spending bill is not finalized.

Unlike President Obama, a majority in Congress recognize that if they allow the president to raid DHS’s budget to implement his amnesty program, it will weaken our efforts to secure our homeland. Giving amnesty to people who have entered our country illegally, knowing little about their behaviors, prior or ongoing, is a formula for disaster. Even under the best of circumstances, carrying out adequate background checks on some 5 million illegal aliens would be a Herculean feat.

To the contrary, the record of this administration has been to impede the sort of due diligence that might identify potential threats. I’m sure most people would agree that if law enforcement were looking into the backgrounds of Mohamed Atta and his fellow terrorists while in flight school, the President and other pro-illegal activists would have vilified law enforcement citing that these individuals had done nothing wrong and were simply taking advantage of an opportunity to get a pilot’s license and a career. Likewise, had we been investigating the younger Tsarnaev brother for not meeting his obligations of his student visa, the President would likely say that we were harassing a college student who has done nothing wrong and is simply trying to get an education.

How many of the over 5 million illegals who would benefit from amnesty are like-minded people who have been, or are planning to commit acts of violence against us. The painful lessons of 9/11 and the Boston bombing remind us that even a few who manage to slip through the nets can inflict enormous damage.

Secondarily, we have watched as the President dismantled our Secure Communities Program, which identifies deportable aliens who are arrested and charged with other offenses, and changed the criteria for detaining and deporting illegal immigrants. For example, an illegal immigrant cannot be detained on an immigration warrant unless they have been convicted of at least three misdemeanor crimes. Someone with seven traffic arrests does not qualify for an immigration detainer.

Imagine if you had a criminal who kept committing crimes in your neighborhood and the police said they could not remove and detain him until he is convicted on three separate misdemeanor crimes. Imagine me telling you that a driver in your community who has seven traffic arrests does not qualify to be detained and prevented from repeating the behavior until he/she kills someone.

If Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police were to operate their law enforcement agencies based on President Obama’s criteria, we would be unable to protect our citizens from becoming repeated victims of crime. We’d also be in violation of our oath and rightfully accused of violating our Constitution.

The American Sheriffs have drawn a line in the sand and we will not allow the citizens of our communities to face greater dangers by adopting a policy that reduces accountability for criminal illegal aliens and raises the dangers of our citizens being victimized by them.

I urge the American people to stand behind those who are trying to keep you safe and oppose President Obama’s attempt to grant amnesty and work authorization to millions of illegal aliens and further eviscerate meaningful immigration enforcement.

In defense of our national security and public safety I urge all Americans to insist that Congress defund the president’s attempt to impose amnesty by executive decree, and to demand that our borders be secured as the first step toward legitimate and comprehensive immigration reform.

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