Global Warming radicals and why we should fear them

The Global Warming movement has taken a dark and dangerous turn for the worse.  It is radicalized and now a threat to your future, and more importantly mine!

When I was first married (23 years ago) I lived in a two family house.  My wife and I lived upstairs and a single gentleman lived downstairs.  The downstairs neighbor was a great guy.  Fun to talk to and I very much liked and respected him.  But every once in a while he would make a comment about global warming.  I did not know much about global warming back then other than some people thought the earth was getting hotter.  It seemed a harmless idea at the time.  I did not pay much attention to the comments, but noticed that they were always made with a certain level of indignant righteousness.  In other words, global warming was bad and someone was to blame for it.

Fast forward 23 years and I now know many people who believe in global warming.  A small percentage of them are still not knowledgeable about the issue and make no particular judgment about it – they rarely talk about it.  The rest, the majority, are very much like the guy in the downstairs apartment – radical.  

Radicals come about through a particular process – they aren’t born – they are made.  Radicals are made in closed societies.  Radical Islamists are made in the closed societies of the Middle East.  Countries where the only legal religion is Islam creating pockets of people where no dissenting view, or alternate view, is allowed – the violators are killed.  Within these pockets, where no dissent is allowed, people of stature push the existing acceptable beliefs to new and unprecedented levels.  It is not enough in a Muslim community to be a Muslim – you must be an extreme Muslim.  That is how you are measured and how your status within the community is determined.  If there is only one set of beliefs allowed then you must have the most extreme beliefs on the subject.  This is why stoning women is allowed.  This is why hanging gay people is allowed.  This is why honor killing is allowed.  That is why strapping explosives to your children and sending them into supermarkets is allowed.

In the United States we do not have a history of radicals.  Sure, there are those who have extreme views on certain subjects, but they were never radicalized.  This is because the USA is not a closed society.  We have freedom of speech and a willing and able media to share ideas and varying belief sets.  We encourage diverse communities of people.  It is built into our legal framework by design – The Constitution.  Christians and Muslims and Jews live side by side.  Blacks and Whites and Latinos all participate in the shared community.  Red Sox and Yankees fans can be friends.  We protect each other’s ideas, philosophies, and religions even if they differ.  Until now…

Have you noticed the rhetoric of the global warming radicals?  They use phrases such as ‘The science is finished’, and ‘There is no more discussion to be had’.  They label those with an opposing view as ‘deniers’ and mock them for their beliefs.  They are trying to create that closed society where no differing opinion can be had.  They are radicalizing themselves.  They are trying to purify the thought into one flavor, one idea, that global warming is real.

The global warming radicals live in communities where no diverse thought on the climate is allowed.  You believe what they do or you are not part of their community.  These closed societies often exist in the most unlikely places; college campuses, liberal blogs, cities like Cambridge and Brookline to name a few.  These are places one might expect diversity of thought, but alas it does not exist.  Diversity is welcomed as long as it is ‘their’ diversity.

Now I do not expect that anytime soon the global warming radicals will start to stone others for their beliefs.  But there are some leaders among them, who have openly suggested that those with differing opinions be jailed.  Locked away so their views can not be seen or heard.  One such person, Professor Lawrence Torcello, from RIT wrote a 900 word essay on an academic website calling for jail time for those who are global warming skeptics.  Robert F Kennedy Jr, a leading liberal thinker has asked for new laws to ‘punish global warming skeptics’.  Kennedy later claimed he never made the statement even though it appeared on a popular website known as Ecowatch, but doubled down by suggesting that State Attorneys General should target corporations that sponsor ‘climate lies’ and have their corporate charters revoked.  ‘Climate lies’ are defined as beliefs other than Kennedy’s.  Put them out of business – take away their money and ability to support themselves – take away their livelihood.  Punish them!

More recently, scientist David Suzuki appeared on news show ‘Moyers and Company’ and stated that politicians skeptic of climate change be ‘thrown in the slammer’.  Imagine for a moment that leading thinkers are seriously suggesting that elected politicians be thrown in jail for their views.  These views they have are the same as many, perhaps most, of the citizens they represent.  Soon they will stop calling for politicians to be arrested, and they will ask for the voters to be jailed.

In 2012 an Austrian Professor named Richard Parncutt asked that climate deniers be ‘executed’.  Though he claims to be against the death penalty he feels it is okay for people who deny climate change thus causing the death of billions in the future.  As crazy as those ideas are they later appeared on the school website.  

This closing of the society is underway.  No longer are people allowed to have differing opinions.  No longer can people interpret facts any way other than the accepted way.  Do so and you will be punished.  The distillation of thought is underway.  Soon people will not be allowed to openly share their skeptical beliefs on Global warming.  Once the differing views are squelched then the radicals are elevated like Muslim Sheiks to a higher status.  Already Al Gore enjoys a God-like status where he can defy all the rules he wants for others.  He can live in that 20,000 square foot home and be chauffeured around in a fleet of SUVs to awaiting private jets, creating a carbon footprint the size of a Yeti.  The more extreme Gore’s idea, the better.  The more radical his idea, the more dangerous he and his followers become.  

I picture a future where global warming alarmists act like Jihadi terrorists.  It is their religion and nobody is going to disagree.  Nobody is going to question their God.  It will be a Holy war.  They will get more violent and more extreme with each passing day.  

It is important that we speak loudly against the idea of global warming.  Not in order to stop others from their belief, but to prevent them from presenting the idea that people like me, who deny global warming, should be punished.  They have asked for it once.  They will ask for it again.  

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