Does Kirsten Hughes’ Performance Merit A Pay Raise?

According to Boston Herald reporter Hillary Chabot, GOP Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes just got a raise:

But the Massachusetts Republican Party needs more than a strong governor. Thanks to a recent $240,000 settlement payout to former gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher, the party is scrambling for money. Add the fact that the executive committee voted on Feb. 4 to start paying Hughes a $90,000 salary – the first time she’s taken a salary since she started chairing two years ago.

“It was a unanimous vote,” said Hughes. “It’s not taken from the operating budget in terms of candidates.”

(Charlie) Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito have plans to help boost the state’s GOP coffers at a March fundraiser, said Hughes.

I’ve long argued that the party needed its position of chair to be a paid gig if the party ever hoped to attract talented individuals to apply for the job. So I’ve no problem with the compensation part of the news.

Now does Hughes herself deserve the salary? I’d venture to guess a lot of activists would say no based on how the last GOP convention was mismanaged & how said mismanagement contributed to the party’s payoff of Fisher.

I wasn’t at the State Committee meeting when the decision was “unanimously” supported by its members in attendance. I hope said decision was reached after due deliberations had been made springing from the pros & cons of the issue itself. I’d be VERY disappointed if powerful people rather than an impartial process had determined the outcome of Hughes getting a raise in spite of a performance that one could charitably describe as “underwhelming”.

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