CLT weighs in on Baker’s budget gap plan

Citizens for Limited Taxation, the renown anti-tax group, has no qualms about placing the blame for the budget deficit where it lies —  on former Governor Deval Patrick.

From today’s release:

CLT applauds Gov. Baker’s gentlemanly declining to mention the former governor by name as he addresses his leaving a huge budget gap for this fiscal year – and we’re grateful that we have no such need to appear nice.  Deval Patrick left a huge deficit, and that, along with a long list of scandals, is his legacy. Too bad, because he started out okay when he addressed municipal employee benefits.

We support Gov. Baker’s priorities in spending cuts, to address the short-term problem.  We expect he is planning savings from genuine reform for his own budget this spring, as Bill Weld did when he inherited the Dukakis fiscal crisis.  This is an exciting time for us; looking forward to Massachusetts being led to becoming great, or at least effective. And how nice to see something from the governor’s office at long last that doesn’t include tax hikes.

We hear the criticism of candidate Charlie Baker’s support for the initiative petition outlawing automatic gas tax hikes, while he now faces the problems with the MBTA.  We would remind everyone that the previous gas tax hikes, along with the Legislature making extraordinary efforts to fund the T, didn’t get the job done and won’t until someone takes control of the T budget.  Deval Patrick didn’t do that.  We expect Charlie Baker will.  His non-partisan choices of people to address the commonwealth’s many problems looks like a good move to non-partisan us.

Charlie Baker needs all the help he can get.

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