Bruce Jenner and the last days of Gay Marriage

So has anyone noticed that the issue same-sex marriage is in the news again? SCOTUS is going to tell us if the Constitution requires states to perform or recognize same-sex marriage sometime in June. Counties in Alabama are resisting the federal court order to license same-sex couples for marriage. Ted Cruz is pushing for a federal law to allow states to decide, and Bobby Jindal is calling for an amendment to do the same thing. And all the Kochtopus groups like NOM and ADF and Heritage are busy on the internet implementing the next phase of their strategy, shifting the goal to “religious freedom” and states rights, giving up on stopping same-sex marriage. (They were never were trying to stop it, this was always their plan, as I’ve been saying for years.)

Meanwhile, Reality TV star Bruce Jenner’s car accident has brought Transgenderism into the national news and mass culture, and questions about his transition will capture lots of attention around the same time as the SCOTUS decision. People will be ready to connect the dots. Should people really be allowed to make a baby as the other sex? Should same-sex couples be allowed to make a baby together? Won’t that be expensive and dangerous and foolish? Do we have to allow that?

Congress can explain to the public very easily why they suddenly realized that they have the power to prohibit trying to create a baby by any method other than joining a sperm of a man and an egg of a woman, ruling out transgender and same-sex reproduction and saving the tax payer and insurance buyer billions and protecting human dignity and equality.

The Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act is poised to pass very quickly, possibly with enough votes to override a veto, but if not, the next President will sign it.

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