Baker’s Cabinet Choices Reflects His Management Philosophy

A recent Boston Globe article posits that a few conservatives within the Massachusetts Republican Party have expressed serious concerns over some of the cabinet appointments being made by Governor Charlie Baker.

“We are bracing ourselves,” said Mark Fisher, the GOP’s Tea Party gubernatorial candidate who was crushed in his primary challenge against Baker.

“Charlie said he wasn’t going to raise taxes and fees. Now he’s got some Democrats in the Cabinet,” said Fisher, the former gubernatorial candidate. “The question I hear from conservative Republicans, is he going to raise taxes?”

The Globe also cited this blog as proof that Bay State conservatives are upset with some of Baker’s choices:

“Baker AGAIN forsakes his party” was the headline on the conservative RedMass group website on Jan. 16, the day after Baker appointed a Democrat to fill the seat vacated by Bristol District Attorney Sam Sutter.

“Shame, Charlie, Shame,” said the anonymous blog that was posted by Rob Eno, publisher of the website that promotes the GOP.

Count me as unimpressed. Baker repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he would have an array of ideological voices to guide his administration & he’s kept his word. Given the paucity of GOP talent, Baker’s appointment of experienced moderate or left-of-center individuals to manage certain departments makes sense.

The man prides himself on his non-ideological management skills & that’s how I’ll judge him (with the MBTA management crisis being his first test). I suspect most voters in Massachusetts will judge him in the same way.

Conservatives should continue to respectfully press their issues with Baker while being mindful that, since he isn’t going to change things (he accepts the Democrat paradigm but not the status quo left behind by former Governor Deval Patrick), they must mentor candidates for future offices who will be the true change agents of the GOP.

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