Should The Legislature Reform Its Rules?

Some of the most important roll call votes take place once every two years during the “rules” debate. The Sunlight Foundation recently said that Massachusetts is one of just four states to earn an “F” grade for a lack of transparency in state government. We can and must do better!

Below are our top 5 recommendations for the legislature to enact:

1)    Making all committee votes publicly available online.

2)    Streaming all committee hearings online and in real time.

3)    Ensuring the public has at least 48 hours’ notice of the agenda for each session of the House or Senate.

4)    Ensure that legislators have adequate time to read amendments and bills before voting on them.

5)    Creating a non-partisan legislative budget office.

You can help us spread the word and participate in our online poll. We will share your name with legislative leaders and the power of the grassroots will be heard! We have a goal of hitting 100 signatures by the end of the week, so please sign up today. Many thanks in advance for participating!

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