Observations regarding Paris terror attacks

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One officer was observed lying on the ground begging for his life before being shot by one of the terrorists.

1. If police in Paris carried guns this would not have happened.  The police officer would have had a fighting chance instead of begging for his life.  I could same the same about all the victims.

2. Are we sure the 3 killers were not Al Sharpton, Mayor DeBlasio and Barack Obama seeing as at least one cop got shot?

3. I will not hold my breath waiting for Michelle Obama to hold a sign saying “# Bring back my cartoons

4. Islamic terrosists are cowards.  They don’t have the balls to start a real f*ckin war on a battlefield mano-a-mano.  Instead they run into an office building taking everyone by surprise and shooting people before they have a chance to get into it with them.  If Obama had any balls and truly believed that fighting terrorism was righteous then he would demand Al Qaeda and Isis meet him on a battlefield in Syria or Iraq or anywhere else in the middle East and settle this like REAL men.  We have cowards opposing cowards…  If I were Mohammed I would be ashamed to have cowards fighting for me.  Nothing but a bunch of pussies.

5. Editor Stephen Charbonnier is a hero.  Before he was killed he looked one terrorist in the face and stated “I would rather die standing than live kneeling”.  That should be a best selling T-Shirt starting tomorrow..

6. In 2012 the White House (meaning Obama) criticized the publication for its free speech efforts.  This means Obama has been on the wrong side of absolutely every issue domestic and international since being elected to public office.

7. Next week Hillary will meet with the victims families and insist that as President she will find the people who made the anti-Muslim movie causing this violence.

8. Had this happened at the White House the terrorists would have been on the second floor residence eating lunch before the Secret Service knew what was happening.

9. Somehow the Democrats in Washington will tie this to global warming.

10. The US federal government can hack into my computer and audit my activities whenever they want, but for some reason they can’t seem to plant a virus on the websites run by Al Qaeda terrorists planning death squads.  Why is that?

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