My favorite SOTU by TOTUS..

I may actually watch the State of The Union address tonight by the Teleprompter of The United States.  Normally I would not, but last Tuesday night was the season finale of ‘Oak Island’ and there really is not anything good to watch otherwise.  

One of the influencing factors will be the pleasure of watching that JackAss blab his way through another 45 minutes of ‘sweet nothings’ WITHOUT Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid sitting behind him.  Though I am no fan at all of John Boehner or Mitch McConnell they are considerably better than their predecessors.

I could play the games where we count how many times he takes credit for something – not that there has been anything to take credit for in the last 6 years, but you get my point. Or I could drink every time he says ‘I’ or ‘Fair Share’ or ‘Middle Class’ or one of his other dog whistles.  But heck, I would be drunk before he got 5 minutes into the lies and falsehoods.  

I think instead I will turn down the volume on the television set and then play the sounds from  While Obama talks you can play the fart sounds or the donkey sounds and it makes more sense than what he is actually saying.  If you scroll down the page on that link you can play the sound of a woman screaming, which is good to do when they show Nancy Pelosi.  When they show Elizabeth Warren you can play the UFO sound or the ‘Cavalry’ sound.  Although she, being a native American may run away when she hears the cavalry…

Anyway, that is about the only way I can tolerate watching that absolute fool of a President that we have.  Nothing he says will be truthful, good for America or based in facts.  As they say ‘You know how you can tell when Obama is lying?”  Yup, his lips are moving…

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