Maine Gov. Paul LePage stirs the nonprofit pot

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Paul LePage thinks big and bold in the mantle of tax reform. The Wall Street Journal reports.

A sweeping proposal to cut taxes for Maine families and businesses could upend one of the most widely accepted practices in the country: the property-tax exemption for nonprofit organizations.

A recent budget plan by Republican Gov. Paul LePage calling for an overhaul of individual, corporate and sales taxes also would make Maine the first state in the nation to require colleges, hospitals and other large charities to go on the property-tax rolls in their municipalities.

“It would be a stunning development,” said Daphne Kenyon, a fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge, Mass. “I think there would be all kinds of reaction, from litigation to nonprofits’ possibly moving.”

An interesting chart here:


Channeling every Boston mayor in history, should Charlie Baker follow this line of thinking? Maine does not have a history of “payments in lieu of taxes” made by nonprofits as does Boston and other jurisidictions.

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