Governor Baker gets working; Calls for hiring freeze; dampens enthusiasm for 2024 Olympics

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Governor Charlie Baker is riding the news cycle. As the news that Boston is the designed U.S. host in the international sweepstakes for the 2024 Olympics, the new Governor expressed some doubts.

Gov. Charlie Baker hedged on throwing his full support behind Boston’s 2024 Olympic bid, telling reporters today “there’s a lot to learn about this” as the Hub prepares to make its pitch to the International Olympic Committee as the United States’ bid city.

Baker, emerging from his first Cabinet meeting on his first full day in the Corner Office, also said he’ll explore tapping a point person for the administration to tackle questions surrounding the city and state’s Olympics bid, as well potentially setting up “regional conversations” for public input beyond the community meetings already announced for Boston.

“I’m where I think many people are, which is there’s a lot to learn about this,” the newly sworn-in Republican said when asked if he supports the bid. “I’ve only been in office for less than 24 hours, I haven’t seen the bid book. I don’t think I need to see the bid book.

This is a pretty gutsy move and shows Baker’s cautious side particularly as the city’s elite is celebrating the designation.

Move number 2 of the day is no less striking. Governor Baker called for a hiring freeze to help stem a $500 million state deficit. It’s small step that will save $6 million but a needed one.

So far so good.

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