Fattman Campaign Manager Nominated for National Local Campaign Manager of the Year Pollie

Jordanne Anderson, former Fattman for Senate campaign manager, has been nominated for the prestigious American Association of Political Consultants’ 2015 Pollie Award for Local Campaign Manager of the Year.  Anderson, at just 22-years-old, steered the campaign of Rep. Ryan Fattman (R-Webster) to a landslide 56% to 44% victory over 44-year incumbent politician, Sen. Richard Moore (D- Uxbridge).

Considered the “Oscars of Politics,” the Pollie Awards are the most prized and sought-after awards in the political communication and public affairs industries. Nominations are submitted by political professionals from across the United States. Christopher Lyon, a New York-based political consultant who helped elect Rudy Giuliani Mayor of New York City in 1993, nominated Ms. Anderson for the award.

“In nearly 30 years in politics, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a local campaign challenging an incumbent better run than the Fattman campaign,” said Lyon.  “It’s not easy to defeat an incumbent.  In the rare instance when you do, it’s typically a victory of the narrowest of margins.  But Rep. Fattman won in a blow-out.  That’s an incredible accomplishment!  Jordanne Anderson did a singularly impressive job making it all happen and successfully implementing a highly effective campaign plan.  Jordanne deserves to win a Pollie for her work.”

Anderson’s successful management efforts marked the first time in 20 years that an incumbent Massachusetts State Senator was defeated, providing the Republican’s control of the Worcester-Norfolk Senate seat for the first time since 1938. Despite being out raised by the Moore Campaign by nearly $70,000, the Fattman Campaign won 13 of 14 towns by a margin of 6,112 votes.

“From the start, my vision for our campaign was built on four factors: utilizing technology, door-to-door campaigning, ‘winning every day,’ and challenging Beacon Hill’s status quo,” said Ms. Anderson.  “Every day we implemented these ideas that led us to a victorious campaign. We did not take a single day for granted, but worked hard regardless of weather, holidays, weekends, or lack of sleep. As a young Republican woman, the most exciting part of our win was running the campaign that shook Beacon Hill. No matter who you are, what your title, or how much special interest money you raise, you can be held accountable. I am immensely proud of Ryan Fattman’s campaign and my role, and it is an incredible honor to be nominated for this award. Win or lose, I hope this nomination is inspiration for more young women to defy the traditional mold of politics and show the success of female leadership.”

Prior to joining the Fattman Campaign, Ms. Anderson previously worked as a Regional Field Director on the 2012 Linda McMahon for US Senate Campaign, and on two Virginia House of Delegates campaigns.  Upon completion of the successful state senate campaign, Anderson accepted a position as Senator Fattman’s Communications and Outreach Director.

“Our campaign operation was run by an amazingly talented individual, who gave her heart and soul to upend the status quo on Beacon Hill,” said Senator Ryan Fattman (R-Webster). “Jordanne Anderson ensured our campaign was always two-steps ahead of our competition in both style and substance. She injected our campaign with honesty, loyalty and discipline, and coalesced the toughness of politics with compassion towards the people and causes for which we ran. The only thing more appropriate than Jordanne being nominated for this prestigious award, is that she win it.”

Through Ms. Anderson’s leadership, the Fattman Campaign actively participated in the Massachusetts Republican Party’s Coordinated Campaign efforts, led by Chairman Kirsten Hughes. The Fattman Field operation knocked on 43,133 doors for the purposes of electing both Charlie D. Baker as Governor and Ryan C. Fattman as State Senator.

“Jordanne proved her capability and skills throughout Senator Fattman’s successful campaign and she contributed to our groundbreaking grassroots efforts. It’s young women like Jordanne who represent the bright future of the Republican Party,” said Kirsten Hughes MassGOP Chairman.

The Local Campaign Manager of the Year Award nominees hail from across the United States, and must have worked on a candidate’s campaign at the local, municipal, state legislative, or regional level, including county and mayoral elections, as the top-level campaign leader. An excerpt from Anderson’s nomination states:

“Jordanne Anderson served as the campaign manager for Fattman for State Senate in the Worcester-Norfolk Senate District where she oversaw the day-to-day operations of a near $300,000 campaign, implemented and managed the campaign’s field strategy that included seven field staffers, two district offices, and 100 volunteers, scheduled and planned over 50 public and private events for the candidate, analyzed election data and more than 40,000 door-to-door voter contacts, and advised and developed the campaign’s direct-mail plan that included 21 separate, micro-targeted pieces of mail.”

If successful, Anderson will be awarded Local Campaign Manager of the Year at the 2015 Pollie Awards & Conference in New Orleans, LA, March 17-19, 2015.

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