Brad Jones on DeLeo Term Limits, Don’t get distracted

Brad Jones, the House Minority Leader, issued the following statement after the vote to grant Bob DeLeo and unlimited amount of time as speaker:

“During today’s rules debate, an amendment was filed to reinstate term limits for the office of Speaker, which had previously been set at eight consecutive years.  Although the proposal failed when put to a vote, the fact of the matter is that, even if the term limits rule had been retained, Speaker DeLeo would still continue to lead the House over the next two years.  The members have spoken, and although not everyone may be pleased with the results, it is my hope that we can move beyond this vote and not allow this one issue to distract us from the important legislative agenda and budgetary challenges that lie ahead.”

Really, when everyone in Massachusetts politics, even liberals like Scot Lehigh in the Boston Globe are deriding the legislature for this vote, the leader of the opposition is saying, hey it’s no big deal.


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