Baker Upholds First Promise Releases $100M in Chapter 90 Local Aid

Governor Charlie Baker today, in one of his first actions in office, directed Acting Secretary of Transportation and Chief Executive Officer Frank DePaola and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) to follow through on the Baker-Polito administration’s commitment to release immediately $100 million in Chapter 90 transportation funds critical to job creation, public safety and economic growth.

“I am pleased that one of the first acts of this administration is to fulfill our commitment to ensure local governments have access to the infrastructure funds they have been promised for transportation upgrades,” said Governor Baker. “The release of these funds represents a step towards creating better jobs and building stronger communities in Massachusetts.”

A letter from Governor Baker was issued today informing local officials of his decision to release the funds. Each community’s share of funding is predetermined by a formula that includes factors such as population, road miles and employment. The release of this $100 million constitutes the remaining one-third of additional Chapter 90 funding authorized in 2014.

“After serving as local elected officials, Governor Baker and I understand the need for a strong partnership between our communities and state government,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “Today’s announcement sends a clear message that our administration will be responsive to the needs of local governments across the commonwealth.”

Chapter 90 reimburses cities and towns for costs incurred for eligible transportation projects. Cities and towns must submit receipts to the Highway Department district in which they are located which verifies that the expenditures qualify for reimbursement under Chapter 90. The Highway Department districts in turn submit these receipts to the Department of Transportation’s Fiscal Department which facilitates the reimbursements to cities and towns. Funding for Chapter 90 is accomplished through the issuance of bonds.


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