Polito: Health Connector driving Billion Dollar Deficit

Yesterday Karyn Polito went on Herald Radio and told hosts Hillary Chabot and Jacklyn Cashman that the Health Connector Authority and Obamacare are the driving factors in the commonwealth’s current billion dollar shortfall.

Lt. Gov.-elect Karyn Polito blasted the state’s botched health care Connector as the top culprit for an “eye-popping” budget gap as large as $1 billion that must be closed when she takes office next month – and suggested heads could roll as a result.

“There are problems at the Connector board,” Polito told Boston Herald Radio. “Whoever is responsible for the shortcomings there, we will hold accountable.”

Despite Gov. Deval Patrick’s early cuts and projections that the gap will be as low as $329 million, Pol­ito voiced deep concern about conflicting reports that show a skyrocketing de­ficit despite solid state revenues.

“It’s clearly a spending problem. It’s clearly a management problem. It’s clearly the lack of accountability in holding the system to 
the goals that we are setting,” 
she said, adding that the new administration under Gov.-elect Charlie Baker will target the “problems that are putting a drag on our budget and taking funding away from the areas of greater need.”

Sources close to the Baker transition team have told Red Mass Group that it is “worse than you can even imagine,” at the Connector Authority.

Disclosure: I am a frequent contributor to Herald Radio

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