Mark Fisher to Run for President of MARA

According to a new Facebook page, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher is running for President of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA): Mark Fisher for President of MARA. The organization is known for its uncompromising brand of conservatism and has many members who sit on the Massachusetts Republican State Committee.

Welcome to my Facebook page. Its purpose is to help MARA members and potential members to learn about my Campaign for MARA President.

Before officially announcing my candidacy for MARA President I notified each of the other two candidates for President – Mary Lou Daxland and Tiffany Harbridge. I assured each of them that whatever the outcome of the election I was eager to work with them and anyone else to support and proclaim the Principles of the Republican Assembly.

I first heard about MARA from life-long conservative Brian Camenker. Upon visiting the MARA website and its link to the National Federation of Republican Assemblies I was overjoyed. I had a hard time believing that such an organization existed – I couldn’t wait to join. This has been the same reaction of friends to whom I’ve introduced MARA. For too long MARA has been a little known “secret”. A main focus of my tenure as President would be to get the word out about MARA to like-minded conservatives. The Principles of the Republican Assembly sell themselves to conservatives – they just need to know that MARA exists! As an individual member of MARA I have stressed its importance as THE organization through which conservative Republicans can join together and make meaningful efforts to have our conservative message heard , promoted and defended with strong and unequivocal arguments. As President I will do the same individually and also organizationally through the State and District chapters.

MARA has the Principles and connection with the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) which are necessary for it to be the reforming organization it was meant to be. After all, the Republican Assemblies are known as “The Republican Wing of the Republican Party”, and Ronald Reagan called the Republican Assemblies “the conscience of the Republican Party”. However, like all organizations made up of fallen people, MARA is not perfect. Recently, a number of good members have left MARA because they felt that its Principles were being undermined. We cannot turn a blind eye to this sad situation. It needs to be addressed. As President I will give no quarter to those members or would-be members who do not whole-heartedly adhere to our Principles. MARA cannot grow if its current members are not united under the very clear Principles and goals of its parent organization – the NFRA. Members must clearly understand and believe in what the Republican Assembly stands for. If they don’t, then they should clearly leave or clearly be removed from MARA.

I propose two bold and simultaneous initiatives for MARA. First, dramatically increase membership by ten-fold over the next two years and dramatically increase MARA’a presence in MA politics through forceful presentations of its principles along with concrete examples of their proven effects to the well-being of every day citizens.

I invite you to join MARA, join our January 10, 2015 Convention and join me in the much needed conservative revolution in MA.

– Mark Fisher

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