‘War on Women’ ends with Republican victories in midterm elections..

I imagine that many low information voters (aka liberals) will wake up this morning thinking that ‘war on women’ just got worse with Republican victories.  With Republicans taking the majority role in both the US Senate and US House of Representatives the ‘boy’s club’ must be smirking and grinning behind closed doors.

But guess what?  With yesterday’s election there are now more women than ever before in our Congress.  Yup, more than EVER Before.  

The number of US Senators that are women stands at 20, which is tied for an all time high.  The number of women in the US House of Representatives stands at 81, which is higher than ever before.  And that number could grow if a few still undecided elections break in favor of women.

Never in history have there been more women in Congress than after last nights election.  And who was the overwhelming party victor in the election?  Republicans….  Yup, Republicans!!  When Republicans win – women win!

Not only are there more women in Congress, but we now see the very, very, very first African American Republican women elected to Congress – Mia Love.  Republicans are breaking stereotypes with respect to women and with respect to color.  This is our chance to rebrand ourselves and become the real party of inclusion.  

Of course here in Massachusetts, the 6th District proved itself full of homophobes by trouncing Richard Tisei with a virtual newcomer Seth Moutlon.  I guess all the talk about tolerance didn’t mean much behind the voting booth curtain.  Moutlon beat criminal incumbent John Tierney in the primary for a spot on the ticket, but voters ultimately trusted the job, not to the guy with experience, but to the white guy with with a (D) after his name.   Oh well,  I guess they will have to rationalize that in their own head..

And Marcia Coakley ended her political career with a classless move – she walked out on her supporters without so much as a ‘Thank You’ before leaving.  Coakley retired to her home in Medford and spent the night debating a recount and applying another layer of mascara.  She will spend the next two years working on her biography titled ‘Profiles in Wrinkle Cream’ and being a spokesmodel for poorly run political campaigns.  Oh well….

On the other hand, real women, can wake up this morning knowing that, at least nationally, someone is now supporting them in their quest to run a household, get a job, and defend the borders.  That helps them sleep…

And lastly, a reminder than every member of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation is now a member of the MINORITY party.  Wouldn’t it have been nice to have one member who could have had a leadership position on a committee?  Just one?  

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