The meaning of Tisei’s loss: No clout for the all Democratic MA delegation

Yeah we know: Maybe Tisei didn’t run a great campaign and simply ran out of luck when Tierney was knocked off in September by Iraq War vet Seth Moulton.

Must read: Peter Lucas in the Lowell Sun.

Meanwhile,  the Globe is writing stories about the Kennedy cult of former staffers who “delivered” for MA in the past. Pure puff. Of course if it were the GOP veterans plying their wares on K street the tone of the piece would be much, much different.

Meanwhile can we ask if Seth Moulton is a closet Republican? Tierney raised the question. Was he wrong?

I have no doubt many Republicans voted for him.  

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  • progresssssssssive…Republicans can be progresssssive too…

  • Publius Menpaean

    I for one am glad a man who intended to use the influence of his office to shrink the party solely to benefit himself was resoundingly crushed.

    If the man who selected him as his running mate was not a progressive enough Republican for him to support at the convention, that’s really all we need to know.

    Richard Tisei boycotted the Republican convention, and Republicans boycotted Richard Tisei. The only question is whether he will fade into obscurity or blow up like Gomez did before his grand exit.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    The most conservative candidate running in Massachusetts most conservative district won the election in a landslide on election day.