SPECIAL ELECTION!! Beaton named Environment and Energy Secretary


There will be a special election for the Shrewsbury based legislative seat held by Matthew Beaton.  Beaton was just appointed as the Secretary of Energy and Environment by Governor-Elect Charlie Baker.  

His business partner in his green construction company Hannah Elizabeth Kane is reportedly ready to run for the seat.  If Beaton resigns now, the special election could be held as early as late January or early February.


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  • Karl Marx

    seat. It’s great that the GOP shows that it has a bench but I’m hoping not many appointments from not-so-safe GOP seats.

  • Karl Marx

    Garrett Quinn’s grapevine.

  • MerrimackMan

    Shrewsbury has a powerful GOP machine, and this district leans to the right by Massachusetts standards, but the Democrats have a solid presense in this part of the Worcester Suburbs. Obama romped here twice, and in 1992, when Blute left for Washington, Robert Gauch (R-Shrewsbury) lost Shrewsbury but won the race thanks to other towns in the district. As Shrewsbury has grown, the seat has lost neighboring conservative precincts.

    11th Worcester-

    Composed of the entire town of Shrewsbury, and precincts 4 and 5 of Westborough

    Has been in Republican hands since the 1986 election when Future Congressman Peter Blute (R-Shrewsbury) defeated Incumbent State Rep Roberta Goldman (D-Shrewsbury). Robert Gauch, Karyn Polito, and Matt Beaton have held the seat in GOP hands since.

    2014- Baker 61% Coakley 35%

    2014- Markey 52% Herr 48%

    2013- Gomez 56% Markey 44%

    2012- Obama 53% Romney 45%

    2012- Brown 56% Warren 44%

    2010- Baker 50% Patrick 43%

    2010- Brown 59% Coakley 40%

    2008- Obama 57% McCain 41%

  • youngcon

    Any guesses as to who else might get appointed?

  • So Beaton is going to endorse his campaign manager, right?


    But then Charlie will also follow with an endorsement.

    The goal is to keep Brad Jones where he is.

  • This is how the Republicans gradually lost what gains it had made on Beacon Hill in ’90. Legislators got tapped for various government posts by the governor and then the party would fail to get a Republican replacement elected to the seat.

  • Mark Fisher?

    I certainly would support Chanel… that would be a great idea. But if she’s not interested than why doesn’t Fisher step up he’s not satisfied that Hannah is conservative enough.

    Did he carry Shrewsbury in the primary ?

  • Brad Jones to something…. Anything !!!

  • David Haak

    I hope that Hannah Kane doesn’t run unopposed in the primary. Let’s hope someone else runs as well.

  • In the 2014 election 84 Democrats ran unopposed for state rep.  Thus, they had a majority on the day filing closed !  Still, you folks all want a primary ! God help us.

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