Scott Lively: “Today I changed my affiliation from unenrolled to Republican.”

The Republican Party has gained a new member.…

Today I changed my affiliation from unenrolled to Republican.  Starting today my role in Massachusetts (in addition to serving as pastor) will be to help the Christian conservatives take the GOP back from the RINOs.  After the first of the year I will make myself available as a motivator and organizer to help create a state-wide grassroots network of conservative activists.  This was what I did in Oregon in the late 80s and early 90s as Communications Director for the Oregon Citizens Alliance, the most extensive political network of Christian activists I’ve ever seen.  Pat Robertson came to Oregon to examine our organizational model before he created the Christian Coalition.  I was the #2 man in OCA for several years and want to offer that experience to the conservative movement here.

I will likely run for another office in 2016 as part of this effort.

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