Prunier and Aylward mulling runs for Republican Party Chair

The Boston Globe reported this morning, as did the Boston Herald, that Chanel Prunier and Steve Aylward are both, independently, considering a run for Republican Party Chair.

Baker’s camp declined to comment on the 2018 remarks. But the Swampscott Republican publicly backed Hughes for another two-year term yesterday, saying the Quincy city councilor “deserves a lot of credit” for helping the long-beleaguered party pick up eight seats between the House and Senate on Election Day.

“I think every group … always has some interesting conversations about where we’re going and how we’re going to get there,” said Baker – who just prevailed over Democrat Martha Coakley in part due to bitter schisms in her own party.

“I don’t think the Republicans are any different than the Democrats with respect to that,” Baker said. “Part of the process is always going to be some back and forth.”

Prunier, the executive director of the Coalition for Marriage and Family, confirmed in an email she is weighing a run for the state GOP chairwoman, saying she has good relationships with “many individuals on both sides of the divide in the state committee,” as well as with Baker.

“I feel I’d strike a good balance between being a team player and looking out for the party’s interests independently of the governor’s office,” Prunier wrote.

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