MassGOP Civil War: The Establishment Closes Ranks

Charlie Baker has wasted no time reiterating his support for embattled chair Kisten Hughes:

“I think Kirsten deserves a lot of credit for the success we had as a party in bringing more balance to Beacon Hill,” he said, referring to his own victory in the governor’s race last week and the addition of a handful of GOP seats in the state Legislature.

Should any of this be a surprise? No.

Kirsten Hughes delivered the convention to Baker, Brad Jones & Hughes were instrumental in securing party resources for Baker in spite of a primary, Jones bailed out Hughes, and now Baker supports Hughes for chair and Jones for leader.

There is also a battle raging for the soul of the GOP in the Legislature. House Minority Leader Brad Jones will likely be the target of a new leadership challenge next year from tea party members of the House GOP caucus led by Reps. Jim Lyons of Andover, Marc Lombardo of Billerica and Shaunna O’Connell of Taunton, who have been itching to flex their muscles.

As David Bernstein puts it, “Minority leader Brad Jones is better for Charlie than minority leader Shauna O’Connell.”

And John Cook and Ron Kaufman.

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