MA media implies Baker’s tears seemed “fishy”

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Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Baker’s emotion filled account of a conversation he had with a New Bedford fisherman in 2009, during a televised debate last week, is raising eyebrows according to front page stories this week in both the New Bedford Standard Times and the Boston Globe.

It’s obvious the editorial board of the Standard Times went out on a limb with their endorsement of the progressive Republican, Baker, over the Democrat Gubernatorial candidate, Martha Coakley, and now they are looking for a way to squirm out of their decision. Baker’s attempt to bring New Bedford into the debate, may have given the radical socialists at the Standard Times the opportunity they were looking for.

In the article  entitled “Questions raised about Baker’s story”, the veracity of his account of a conversation with a fisherman was challenged.

During the televised debate when Baker was asked when he cried last he recalled weeping recently over a story he heard in 2009 about a fisherman  who told him at a campaign event  that he had ruined the lives of his two sons, who were football stars at New Bedford High School by forcing them to turn down football scholarships to work for their father in New Englands’ dying fishing industry, thanks to Democrat environmental wackos that have imposed insane restrictions on American commercial fishermen. .  

“But in New Bedford on Wednesday those familiar with the port and New Bedford High football said the story didn’t ring any bells”, the article stated.

“No one comes to mind that I can think of said Jim Kendall, president of New Bedford Seafood Consulting”

Kendall goes on to say: ” I’ve gotten several calls on this, texts and emails, too…I’ve checked around, and no one seems to be able to put a finger on who it would be”

The writer failed to point out that Kendal is a long time Democrat political supporter of former Congressman Barney Frank, who has a history of attacking Republicans when they express  opinions about the demise of the New England fishing Industry as Kendal did in 2010 in response to a letter I wrote to the editor of the same newspaper, in which I quoted Republican candidate for Congress Earl Sholley, who  simply implied the government should back off and let New Bedford Fisherman  fish.


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