I am not worried about tomorrow, its the next day that scares me…

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Tomorrow, Tuesday November 4th is going to be a pivotal day in America.  Americans by the millions will march out to the voting booth to let Washington know whether they are happy with the direction of the country, or unhappy.  I will be proud of my vote whether it helps produce winners or not.

My greatest fear right now is what happens the next day, Wednesday November 5th.  On that day Barack Hussein Obama will no longer have any reason to temper his enthusiasm for open borders, socialism, outright abuse of the executive Order, his fondness for Islamic radicals, or his insistence to throw the United States back into a racial divide.  He has nothing to lose because it is the last time he has to appear, at all, mainstream.

On Wednesday, no matter where the chips may have fallen the night before, Obama will have only one strategy left – change.  We now know what kind of change Obama wants.  He wants to redistribute wealth, enroll as many as possible on welfare, price fuel up into the stratosphere, encourage class warfare, create social unrest, accuse 2/3 of the US citizens of being racist, play golf and hang around with wealthy Hollywood types.  

In and of itself those things are not all that bad, except that Obama has shown he is willing to use executive action to make them happen.  And starting Wednesday we are  going to see executive action on a hundred things.  Obama will use executive action to further open the borders and grant amnesty to tens of millions.  Obama will use executive action to strengthen the EPA and force businesses into new, higher regulations that raise oil and gas prices through the roof.  Obama will use executive action on gun control, and a hundred other things that simply are too radical to pass through a duly elected legislature.  Just wait and see….

Starting Wednesday we live in a new and more dangerous world.  I hope the people we send to Washington and to every elected office is will to work to fight that change…

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