Charlie Baker’s Position on Obama Amnesty Plan Begins to Take Shape

(This is disturbing that Baker would possibly change his mind on drivers licenses after his strong statement in opposition. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Work begins on interpreting immigration order:

A spokesman for Governor-elect Charlie Baker said Baker will need more information on the scope of the new order, and the number of people it affects, before he can make a decision on driver’s licenses or in-state tuition.

“Governor-elect Baker celebrates the fact that we are a nation of immigrants and believes comprehensive immigration reform, passed by Congress to protect the border and keep families together, is long overdue,” spokesman Tim Buckley said. “The Governor-elect feels some members of Congress’ threats to bog down Washington D.C. in response to the President’s actions are as ill-advised as this sweeping, unilateral action where compromise legislation is the appropriate solution to the broken immigration system.”

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  • So maybe State Committeeman Rob Cappucci’s comments in the Herald last week were not so far off. Let’s hope Rob did not have inside information which caused him to make the comment.

    If the blue state,Oregon, could vote two weeks ago NOT to allow driver’s licenses for illegals, do you think we, in a similar state, could hold onto that one campaign promise? I know many a Democrat, who decided that Martha’s statement in late October, concerning illegal’s voting in local elections, was the last straw for them. Charlie’s statements on not giving illegals’ driving licenses “allowed” these Democrats to vote R. The nation, as a whole, is against this as is the everyday taxpayer in MA. Never mind the fact that it allows illegals to vote which they do already in the inner cities.

    I know, I saw it while observing as an attorney for a Democratic primary special election ( if I remember correctly)  three years ago in Worcester. It was in a public housing authority building. I was escorted out by five police officers at 4 pm by orders of the Mayor. I was doing my job too well. But not as well as another state committeewoman who was escorted out early in the morning!!! We saw it all: Acorn, non-English speaking illegals, floor by floor being escorted down to vote by the organizer, etc.

    My colleague and I were the headlines in the Worcester paper (she named, I got away without being identified) the next day and the cause of hearings in city hall for a few weeks on “Voter Repression”.  

    Patricia Doherty

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I hear lots of people say our immigration system is broken yet I never hear a good argument of what it is exactly that is broken about it.  The fact that tens of millions of people run across the border at night does not signify the system is broken.  In fact, it is an argument that the system works quite well and people do not want to be a part of it.

    The fact that millions more illegal immigrants drive cars drunk and kill Americans does not signify that the immigration system is broken.  It signifies that the current system is not being used properly.  

    The fact that there are children born to immigrant parents inside the USA does not signify that the system is broken, but rather that foreigners have found a loophole which they wish to exploit.  

    To say the immigration system is broken is the intellectual equivalent of using a hammer to fix a lightbulb, and then the lightbulb brakes saying the hammer doesn’t work.  The hammer works fine if you use it properly.  Also, the immigration system works fine if you use it properly.  

    The rules on the books are as such:

    1. The US border is not to be crossed without proper documentation.

    2. Foreigners caught crossing the border, or present in the USA without appropriate paperwork should be deported.

    3. You are not to hire anyone without proof of ability to work in the USA or citizenship.  

    We chose not to enforce those laws because of politics and money.  The system is not broken – the politicians are broken.  The system works great if you use it properly.  

    Instead, politicians say it is broken so they can adjust it to better fit their political base.