Charlie Baker Backs “Embattled” Kirsten Hughes

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Baker may tighten grip on state GOP:

The governor-elect, in an unexpected move, is supporting the party’s embattled chairwoman for another term. He is also backing as executive director of the party a 24-year-old data guru who played a central role in his campaign, and pitching his campaign manager as an outside consultant.

How was this unexpected?

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  • EJD

    is the man! Young guy, talented, data-driven. He’ll be an excellent addition to help steer the ship on Merrimac Street.

  • Joshua Norman

    1. The controversy surrounding the 2013 MA-GOP Chairman vote

    2. The controversy surrounding the 2014 MA-GOP Convention

    3. Her opposition to our party’s platform, as well as her disparaging remarks about it.

    I could go on, but I’ve said enough in this post at this moment in time.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    1. MA may be a clearly blue state, but there is so much upside to what Republicans control.  We just elected a Republican, white, guy with lots of business credentials to a state wide office.  Why can’t that happen every time?  The answer – nobody is building the Republican brand.  Certainly not Kirsten Hughes…

    2. I would never hire a 24 year old guy to do so much as wash dishes.  Look at his LinkedIn profile and what you find is a whopping 3 years experience.  A month here, two months there, a few months there, and on and on.. Folks, this is Massachusetts, can we not find a software/programming/data guy who has 10 or 15 years experience who knows how to work a full day?  My organization has a few 20-somethings and I am ready to fire their asses because they have the worst work ethic of any generation I have ever seen.  They show up when they want, miss deadlines because they were too busy sipping lattes.  Have no clue how to execute anything other than a piss-and-moan session.   They sit around looking at their Facebook pages counting clicks and hits and tweets and dings.  In the mean time I have pushed my business up 15% all by myself with nothing but a boatload of hustle.  it is not so much anything personal about his guy – I just think his generation totally sucks at working….

    3.  After so many failed races in Massachusetts I would fire everyone at the HQ and start all over again.  That is how it works in business.  

    But, hey, that is just me and I am used to winning…..

  • There’s actually an anti-Hughes facebook page.

    Kirsten Hughes – Lost Confidence

  • Freesoul

    What is needed in MASSGOP is not just new leadership, but leadership, with a mission.

    The mission would be to expand the partys presence in this state. MASSGOP needs a veterans and small business owners who can isolate, pinpoint and resolve problems with organization with surgical accuracy.

    Any college puke can plug numbers into a predetermined formula and push paper from one side of their desk to the other, and they are a dime a dozen. What is needed is someone who knows the difference between knowing how to do the job, and knowing how to work, and why.

    If MASSGOP doesn’t get it’s house in order and start running a tight ship, there will be other third partys who will expand their presence in MA., like the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, and the American Freedom Party. Third parties can smell the blood of the bipartisan mafia in the water, and they are circling.

  • That is the predictable move by the Republican corner office to capture and stultify the party apparatus. If this comes to pass–and we saw it all 20+ years ago when Bill Weld took office–than the next 2 years will prove to be the high-water mark of the Republican delegation on Beacon Hill and downhill from there.