Cabinet choices should be questioned about transgender policy

As Charlie Baker builds his administration and sets its priorities and policies, we should be vigilant about the priorities and beliefs of the people being put in charge of education policy and health policy. Specifically, of course, regarding transgender policy in schools, what Scott Lively referred to as teaching perversion and what ElectricStrawberry says is a bogeyman, but which is somewhere in between. The issue of transgenderism is very real, and needs to be discussed without inflamed rhetoric or personal defensiveness.

The question to ask is “do you believe transgender people have a right to reproduce offspring as their new sex using lab created sperm or egg made from their stem cells?”

Of course, that question has to be addressed by Congress and transgender reproduction has to be banned for the whole country, but until it is, it matters what the state policy is, and a lot of damage can be done in a short time.

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