Cabinet choices should be questioned about transgender policy

As Charlie Baker builds his administration and sets its priorities and policies, we should be vigilant about the priorities and beliefs of the people being put in charge of education policy and health policy. Specifically, of course, regarding transgender policy in schools, what Scott Lively referred to as teaching perversion and what ElectricStrawberry says is a bogeyman, but which is somewhere in between. The issue of transgenderism is very real, and needs to be discussed without inflamed rhetoric or personal defensiveness.

The question to ask is “do you believe transgender people have a right to reproduce offspring as their new sex using lab created sperm or egg made from their stem cells?”

Of course, that question has to be addressed by Congress and transgender reproduction has to be banned for the whole country, but until it is, it matters what the state policy is, and a lot of damage can be done in a short time.

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  • Karl Marx

    Can you let it go? These cases are so far and few between. Does your special interest rise to the level of vetting candidates for public office? Seriously.  

  • There as an article in the Globe about Tisei probably having a role in the administration, but it didn’t say what role it might be.

    But Tisei is famously a sponsor of the Transgender rights law so it is certainly relevant. We need to rule out postgenderism, and not proceed as if boys have a right to become mothers and mate with men when they grow up. The policy of the state should protect every child’s natural fertility and reproductive rights.

    As Mr. Rogers said, it is good for a boy to know he can become a man, and a girl to know she can become a woman.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    A man is a man, and a woman is a woman – period.  The fact that a man feels like a woman is irrelevant, and no different than a man who feels like a ….cabbage or a piano.  A person can not change gender.  They can add and subtract parts of the human body, but that certainly does not make a person change genders.  If a man has his penis surgically removed he simply becomes a man with no penis.  It does not make him a woman.

    Liberals believe the only difference between a man and a woman is their reproductive ‘naughty-bits’.  But all men that I know think and act differently than do women.  Men are more focused while women tend to be better at multi tasking.  Men are hunters, while women are gatherers.  Men are more powerful and more aggressive (generally speaking) while women are more sensitive and nurturing.  If people can not see that then it is likely because modern liberal society is trying desperately to reduce the differences between the sexes to ‘naughty-bits.

    Furthermore – I would have arrested any Doctor who tried to change someone’s sex for a couple reasons.  First, it is bad medicine.  It is not good practice to remove a limb, or any body part, simply because the person does not feel right about it.  It would be the same as cutting of a person’s nose because he/she felt it was too big or too small.  That is irresponsible.  

    Second, it is negligent to treat a psychological disorder with surgery.  Doctors can not remove fear or anxiety or hate or any other ‘feeling’ with surgery.  Studies show that of people who undergo sex change surgery suffer a huge suicide rate many times higher than normal.  Clearly trying to change the gender is not the remedy…

    It is time to stop playing with this issue as though it were some kind of quicky surgery like getting your ears pierced.  These people are desperately confused and suffering from sever psychological problems.  They need treatment to convince them that they are in fact a man or a woman.  They do not need to be pacified with surgery.