Brian Cresta Cost Charlie Baker an Ally in the Legislature

Mike Rossettie wrote today about how Bill Weld cost the Mass GOP a seat in the legislature.  Brian Cresta did exactly the same thing in a highly contested race on the North Shore.

Tom Lyons lost a close race to Ted Speliotis in Danvers, Peabody and Middleton.  Here are the numbers.

Cresta, the former Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman, who presided over consistent losses in the legislature for our party, endorsed the Democrat Speliotis over Tom Lyons and agreed to do a mailer with the endorsement for the Democrat.  

Cresta’s actions caused Lyons to lose a very close race, and easily could have tipped the scales going into election day.  After all a Democrat endorsed by a Republican Chairman can’t be all that bad, right?

If Cresta is on his town committee he should be removed immediately by the State Committee.    

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