Brad Jones Puts an End to Speculation

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Mass. House Minority Leader Brad Jones says he has votes to maintain lead of Republican caucus in 2015:

The list of Jones’ supporters includes James Kelcourse, an Amesbury Republican who awaits the results of a recount for the seat formerly held by Rep. Michael Costello (D-Newburyport). Kelcourse holds a 10 vote lead over Democrat Ed Cameron. Rep. Matthew Beaton, a Shrewsbury Republican who was re-elected but plans to resign to serve as energy secretary in Baker’s administration, is also on the list of supporters.

Last spring, Republican Reps. James Lyons of Andover and Marc Lombardo of Billerica called for Jones to step aside as minority Leader, saying he was too cozy with Democrats and unwilling to fight for conservative viewpoints. Lyons, Lombardo, O’Connell, and Rep. Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman) are not among those who signed pledge cards.

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  • with a GOP governor he’ll have some else to follow around.

  • Time for Jones to move on…we made gains this cycle despite his feckless and weak leadership…we could get to 54 seats if he would just GO AWAY!

  • If you look at the election result, we came close in a lot of seats.  It seems to happen quite often around here.  We could elect a bunch more people in the House if we tried.

  • So we just gained another Republican seat. Dave Decoste will be the next State Rep for Norwell, Rockland and Hanover. After recounts in Rockland and Hanover, Decoste actually picked up votes.

  • two more years of alleged leadership that will just let the Democrats do whatever they want without offering up Republican alternatives. Just sad.

  • He’s been in the system for the magic 20 years…now all he needs is a mid six figure job for three years to jettison his pension into the stratosphere.

    Oh but wait, only the evil Dems do that…GOPers are incapable of this.  

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