Bill Weld officially cost the MassGOP a seat.

Running as a Republican in Massachusetts isn’t the easiest thing in the world.  Our candidates frequently lose by large margins.  When a Republican loses by an 81% to 19% margin, there was probably little anyone could have done to prevent such a defeat.

When a candidate loses by a razor thin 51% to 49% margin that is the very definition of a winnable race where we came up just short.  In such circumstances, it is helpful to ask ourselves what went wrong.  Only by looking internally will we hope to improve and win such close elections in the future.

In the Case of Caroline Colarusso the cause of her loss was crystal clear:


This October surprise ambushed our nominee.  It was a major issue in the local media in the closing weeks of the race.  Considering the razor thin margin it is unthinkable that this act of sabotage did not cost Caroline Colarusso at least 1%.


Bill Weld also tried to defeat Ryan Fattman.  A Republican challenger had not defeated an incumbent Democrat for State Senate in decades.  The last on was Sen Robert Hedlund, who recaptured the seat he first won in 1990.

Luckily for us, Ryan Fattman was too strong a candidate and easily won his election.  None the less, we should never forget the treachery Bill Weld has committed against the Republican Party this cycle.

The Republican Party establishment likes to throw around the line “Team Player.”  This relationship must be a two way street.  They cannot expect us to blindly fall in line while they actively seek Democrats to defeat us in general elections.  If they want us to be team players, they can’t kick us off the team.

Never forget what Bill Weld has done to us.  If we do not do something about this behavior, expect this tactic to be used against us more and more.


P.S.  To the credit of Governor Elect Charlie Baker, he has reached out to all wings of the Republican Party and has worked hard to seek a true and legitimate unity.  I do not wish the actions of his former boss to reflect negatively upon our new Governor.  

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