(The Democrats don’t care about you, they only care about them. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

My mother has just told me (almost as an aside) that after FIFTY FOUR YEARS with the same health insurance they are having their policy CANCELLED. My parents took their insurance from my father’s former employer (GE) where he was employed for thirty+ years. They are both in their 80s. My father, who is 87 years old, will now have to wade through a stack of documents in order to apply to a new plan. There is ZERO chance that the premiums will not be going up perhaps by a LOT. They may lose the doctors they have painfully acquired to care for their many infirmities. (Mom’s Catholic sang froid attitude is, “well, we’re not gonna live much longer anyway”) ALL of you out there KNOW just who and what party is responsible for this. By all that is DECENT please please vote for the candidates that MAY be able to mitigate this disaster that has befallen my parents–AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS: the candidates of the Republican Party. Yes, I said MAY, but there are NO other choices now.

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  • that in addition to the near-40% increase in premiums, we are now having a deductible added that we never had before AND a “coinsurance” that we never had before….in addition to the 25% increase in co-pays…..and a maximum out-of-pocket of $4,500….AND in 2018, I was notified that our plan will have a 40% excise tax.

    Total annual increase thus far is a little under $8,000 per year for this year and all future years.

    That’s $8,000 that I won’t have to save for my children’s educations.

    That’s $8,000 that I won’t have to save for my retirement….like that’ll ever happen.


  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I always fill with pride when I cast that vote.  Not sure why it is such an emotional thing, but it is.  On the way into the school where I vote a young mother was pushing a stroller with one child and telling her older child that there are a great number of places in the world where people do not get to vote at all.  ‘Voting is a great thing’ she said.  

    I honestly don’t know whether she voted as I did (All Republican and then Yes, No, Yes, No on the ballot questions, but that is not important.  She was teaching her kids to vote, and actually walking them into the school and then into the booth.  Sanctum Sanctorum.  Holiest of Holies…

    I am hopeful that by the end of the day Americans will once again feel as though they have a say in how they are governed.  For so long, under Obama, and regrettably under Bush to some degree as well, we have felt hopeless.  The irony is that Obama campaigned on the idea of Hope.  Strange isn’t it?

    He campaigned on transparency.  He campaigned on Hope.  He campaigned on creating opportunity.  He campaigned on looking out for he small guy.  it was all a lie…

    I too have posted my stories of health care from Hell.  Once again this month my wife and I will try to reapply to see if somehow we can get back onto a program that gives us a decent policy at a decent price.  I do not hold out much hope…  I already know my doctor has retired this past year, so I will be looking not just for a new policy, but a new doctor.  We know why he retired…

    I am hopeful today.  I am praying today.  Deliver us from evil….

  • Joshua Norman

    to vote Republican worked.  I voted a straight Republican ticket today and lo and behold, a Newton Republican was there at the Burr School in order to vouch for me.

    Still, I find it ironic that you were begging people to vote Republican because of the blowback your parents suffered from socialized medicine when you yourself voted for socialized medicine twice earlier this year.  

    You voted for Charlie Baker (who supports the socialized healthcare program known as RomneyCare) at the Convention and then again in the primary against Mark Fisher (who opposes the whole ObamneyCare federal-state socialized healthcare program).

  • Thanks, Rob.